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Because your relative was living in Denmark, or a tourist visiting, there are several steps that need to be taken prior to transportation back home.

  • Specific information regarding the transportation needs to be dealt with in order to issue the airway bill (AWB).

  • The deceased, either in a casket or an urn, needs transportation to the airport or other location for the transport.

  • A death certificate needs to be issued.

  • Specific, prescribed legal documents need to be issued before transportation of the deceased, and this involves visits at the embassy, the foreign ministry of Denmark and the health inspector.

We take immediate action upon your request and manage the process all the way. As a relative you will be kept informed all the way from planning to arrival at the destination where a caretaker of your choice will take over.

Our service includes a complete overview of contributions from the Danish healthcare system and local municipalities, reducing the cost for you as a relative. Furthermore, our legal department offers assistance in handling the estate of a deceased at the Danish Court if needed.


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— Peter Thomasen. CEO Begravelses Service