We are ready to assist you as your professional partner in Denmark. We have more than 25 years of experience in body repatriation.

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BSE International offers full  body repatriation services to and from Denmark. We have trusted partners all over the world.

We are able to provide all or part of any repatriation of remains and will adapt the service to the needs of the funeral planner, and the family they are assisting in the repatriation.

Body Repatriation Service

BSE International appoints and coordinates all contributors in the proces to realize an adapted repatriation without mishap. We provide a full estimate of time frames and costs, and always aim to optimize your budget for the repatriation.

Our service covers all the necessary parts in the process of transporting the deceased to their home destination.

BSE International adapts all repatriation services to your individual request.

We provide:

  • Coordination with travel insurance company/grant application

  • Apostille

  • Certified translation

  • All other associated documentation

  • Wrapping for transportation

  • Embalming

  • Full collection and delivery service within air and ground repatriation

  • Supply of coffin/casket/Zinc-lined airtight transport box

  • All Flight and ground logistics

  • Airway bill (AWB)

  • Legal documentation, eg. Laissez-passer for a corpse

BSE Int. has helped accomplish over 200 of its partners’ major repatriations. They inspire everyone with their thoroughness and precision.
— John Smith, Sion Rep int.