"BSE Funeral Service"

BSE INTERNATIONAL is a subdivision of Copenhagen based funeral planner BSE Begravelses Service. BSE Begravelses Service is an associated member of the world organization of funeral operatives FIAT-IFTA.


En 15017

Begravelses Service was the first cooperative in Denmark to implement the european standard for funeral services (EN 15017) ensuring a high an persistent quality of service in their field of service.

CEO Mr. Peter Thomasen is furthermore in the CEN Technical Committee on Funeral Services. The role of this new Technical Committee (CEN/TC 448) is to revise EN 15017 and align it with the current state of the art in the funeral services sector. Specific aspects to be addressed include provisions relating to the cross-border transport of deceased persons, storage requirements, provisions for cremation services and equipment needed for good funeral service provision.

The Secretariat of CEN/TC 448 is provided by ASI, which will host the first meeting of the new Technical Committee on 9 and 10 June 2016.

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a committed team

BSE INTERNATIONAL is a committed team of employees with expertise within:

  • International Body Repatriation

  • Cross-border Air and ground transportation

  • Funeral planning

  • Non religious ceremony planning

  • Administration of estates

  • Finance

  • Post-mortem Online and digital management


BSE Begravelses Service - Denmark

BSE Begravelses Service has several offices in Denmark providing 24/7 hour service. The company became a certified service provider in 2008 by the EN15017 european standard for funeral services. BSE Begravelses Service has since then pushed on to be among the best providers within their field by, among other, participating in the important work of revising the european standard for funeral services.

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